As an attempt to help my four year old daughter to understand how the weekdays follow each other, based on our weekly activities, I  made a simple weektable and a handfull of drawings to illustrate different activities.

weekdays_Marieo-x weekdays-activities_Marieo-x


The idea is to cut out the activities and either glue them on the table or use blu-tack, so it would  look something like this:weekdays_Marieo-example-x

I hope this will help my girl to get an idea of how many days are left before we go to the swimmingpool again and when it’s Friday again, so that my answers like ‘We’re going swimming on Sunday’ and ‘No, but you may have candy on Friday’ will make more sense to her.

Feel free to download and print the table and activities for your own private use.



And do send ideas to illustrations of other activities. I will try and update the document regularly.

/ MarieO


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