Japanese influence and some loose ends


This summer I’ve been to Tokyo.
I borrowed vol. 1 and 2 of Haruki Morakami’s 1Q84 from a friend, and was immersed into Murakami’s fantasy-realism following my two new best friends Aomame and Tengo.
Then I Got a present from my husband: Jiri Taniguchi’s cartoon / manga version of The Briefcase
by Hiromi Kawakami – vol.1.

I’m still waiting for my friend to finish vol. 3 of 1Q84, so I can borrow it from him, and vol.2 of The Briefcase (manga version) is not even published yet – not in Danish any way.
So here i am, left in the air between Tokyo, Japan, and Aarhus, Denmark, with open ends.

I don’t mind much though.
In these particular works open ends go well with the protagonists vibrant inner lifes and
continuous stream of thoughts
As long as i do not obtain plot closure, they are still living.

Meanwhile my friend Yoko is working on a Japanese translation of my jigsaw app Jigsaw Seasons. So summer of 2013 is very much Japanese to me.

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