Designing an app icon

Icon for Amazing App Stories By Alex Hemmingsen

As I previously made some graphics for Alex, he asked me to design an icon for a new app, he’d been working on.

The app is meant to be a space for writers to build up stories in collaboration. We discussed what the icon should look like based on the the target group, and thought that tweenies and teenagers  would be the most likely users.

Alex asked for a motive of a young person with an iPad ‘shining’ up on her face to show how amazicon_amazing-app-stories-512ingly immersive the process of writing and reading in this app can be.

I decided on a Manga inspired version, as I have a couple of teenage nieces , who already write both privately and in online communities, and I know both of them are fans of Manga stories. So I thought a Manga inspired motive would be a good idea. What do you think?

You can find the app in iTunes App Store